The result of a blogging accident

ddrgen 1.1.4, igaeditor hiatus

Yay! It’s ddrgen 1.1.4! After way too long leaving the changes without actually publishing them, I’ve published them. ddrgen now features support for Avahi for broadcasting found computer names/addresses over MDNS/Zeroconf/Bonjour (for all you OSX and Linux users), so now you don’t need to be the primary nameserver for your network to advertise found names.

It also features an improved share scanning module that is multithreaded. This drastically reduces scan time on large networks. It now takes about 30 seconds to scan a network that would have previously taken 5 minutes or more.

There’s no updates to DDRHelper at this time.

igaeditor development is on hiatus until I can find out more about the recent changes to the BF2142 ad cache files (nobody has been nice enough to send me a copy of the new cache file), or the advertising in Counterstrike 1.6 that was recently added. Mainly because I haven’t actually gotten any bug reports and some trolls at Total BF2142 Forums nicely got my research forum thread shut. Because they can’t keep their traps shut and must insist on complaining about any piece of software that they don’t want to use. Then again, I think they’re really corporate shills working for EA or IGA trying to cause trouble. As a result I’ll be operating the project a little differently until I can find another forum that will happily host the thread and keep it spam free.