The result of a blogging accident

QCQREncoder, QCGPS, Openbravo hacks

So, I’ve been busy a bit lately.

I’ve written a QR Encoder patch for Quartz Composer based on libqrencode. You give it a string, and then it’ll encode it into an image.

[qr encoder patch]

[qr encoder patch]

There’s another patch in my github which provides a client to GPSdX. It’s a bit buggy still, and only works with GPSd running on localhost with the older encoding method. Unfortunately libgps is ridiculously annoying to work with, so I took the easy (incompatible) way out.

I’ve also patches for Openbravo POS. They make the “customer” price for an item be the buy price, allowing you to implement a simple discount for registered customers that isn’t based on a percentage. It also includes Australian currency images and some minor UI modification to waste less screen space.

I’m currently working on cleaning portal2 up for release. Which is fun. Most of the legacy authentication hooks have been removed, and it’s getting closer to running standalone in a nice way. As part of this I’m getting rid of lots of ugly and legacy code that was for Django 0.96.