The result of a blogging accident

I’m leaving StreetGeek.

Just so you know, I’m no longer involved with StreetGeek.

Unfortunately the problems are quite deep seeded. I’m still actively participating in the LAN scene (I recently travelled to Sydney to help out with LANTACO, a LAN run by the Macquarie University Computer Society and that was a lot of fun), however I’m not involved the ongoing operation of any public events.

On the roadmap is the completion of the Jabberwocky project, which will provide a complete integrated stack of services for LAN parties. I’ll also be looking at releasing the software I’ve developed for StreetGeek as open source in the coming months.

Update 2010-11-08: I’ve read a lot of stuff about “bad blood”, and a lot of people are frustrated that I’m not involved with this event anymore.

I would ask that you do not engage in attacks against StreetGeek or it’s admins in my name. It doesn’t do anyone any favours, and just rubs further salt in the wounds.

If you don’t like where StreetGeek is going, either work towards fixing it or don’t attend anymore. Just don’t do anything stupid.