The result of a blogging accident

Gentoo Overlay

So, I have a Gentoo overlay. It is holding all the hacked ebuilds I’ve created for Gentoo. I’m only testing this on ~amd64 at the moment. If you have contributions, or if something breaks horribly, email me about it.

You can also get a special RSS feed for the overlay that’ll only show up posts relating to this overlay.

Installation in layman

  1. If you haven’t already, install layman. Make sure you have subversion in your use flags, and have added source /usr/local/portage/layman/make.conf the end of /etc/make.conf.
  2. Add http://micolous.id.au/overlay.xml to the list of overlays in /etc/layman/layman.cfg
  3. layman -f; layman -a micolous

Then, to keep up to date, run layman -S.

Manual installation details

My overlay is stored in a subversion repository at http://micolous.id.au/svn/gentoo-overlay/. I’d strongly recommend the use of layman though, because it’s awesome and handles things for you.


Not much at the moment, going through and cleaning up my stuff and putting it in the repository right now.

games-action/pink-pony (~amd64 ~x86)

Pink Pony is a tron-like game with ponies! I wrote a patch to make it install properly.

I recommend running with pink-pony > /dev/null if you get a lot of debugging output that makes the game slow.

media-libs/audiere (amd64 x86)
Imported from Gentoo Bugzilla #68070 as a dependency of games-action/pink-pony.
net-misc/xrdp (~amd64 ~ppc ~sparc ~x86; tested by me on ~amd64)

CVS ebuild (v9999), contains my extra patches for xrdp to allow:

  • Hidden modules (with hidden=yes in xrdp.conf).
  • Automatically select module name using the domain name in interactive login mode (normally only applies to automatic logins - an undocumented feature of xrdp).
  • [STRIKEOUT:Ignore user-supplied credentials when doing an automatic login with a module with those details already preset.] Now merged into CVS HEAD.
  • Sandbox violation and build fixes for Gentoo.