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TrackMania Nations Tracks

TrackMania Nations is a freeware racing game, however it has some problem solving elements to it, such as difficult to conquer sections of tracks. The map editor gives you a lot of choice as to how you want to layout your track, so you can even create mazes to drive around in!

I’ve started writing some map files for the game using it’s inbuilt editor. I’m quite impressed with the level of customisation you can do with the levels, and change the style of play entirely. My track files are aiming to be more “interesting”, so there will be a degree of difficulty or a trick needed in order to conquer them quickly.

All track files are compressed using 7-Zip. You’ll need to install it to decompress the .7z files. To “install” a track, copy it into a folder inside /GameData/Tracks/Challenges/, in your TrackMania Nations folder.


General Racing

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Trick Maps