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autodialer-au is a simple Python script that acts as an autodialer for Asterisk. It controls Asterisk via it’s ‘manager’ API to create the calls and record them.

The script is based on autodialer.pl by NotTheory, which was written in Perl. I ported it into Python, added call recording, and hooked it into the ACMA allocated number database. It also generates a template file that allows you to fill in your findings.

Please note that distributing recordings made by this software may be illegal in Australia. I’m unsure of the exact laws regarding call recording, however my understanding is that:

  • Using the recordings personally, and not distributing them and not using them in any law-related matter (like a lawsuit), should be okay.
  • Distributing any recordings without prior permission of the person you are calling is not okay.

Wardialing, while it is theoretically legal (there’s no law against calling people, right?), may be construed by your VoIP or telephony provider as abuse, and may be against their terms of service (particularly if your provider sucks, and cries that their system cannot handle you making more than one call per hour). Remember not to flood their resources, as you’re not the only one making phone calls. Don’t use this software during peak calling times, as it will be definitely frowned upon.

This information should not be taken as legal advice, as I am not a lawyer. If you are unsure if your specific use cases of this software are legal, then you should seek professional legal advice.

This software was written as manual wardialing is for suckers, and Asterisk presents a great tool to the people in telephony.


  • python 2.3 or later.
  • python-apsw, the python SQLite bindings.
  • A copy of the CSV dump of the ACMA allocated number database.
  • Asterisk 1.0 or later. You need administrative rights to the Asterisk server, so you will need to run one locally.


  1. Use converter.py to convert the allocated number database to SQLite format.
  2. Edit autodialer-au.ini, and setup your connection to the Asterisk manager API and your extension number. You may need to edit /etc/asterisk/manager.conf to create a new user account for autodialer-au to use.
  3. You’re now ready to start scanning!


You can download autodialer-au 0.1, in a tar.bz2 archive.


  • You must run a local Asterisk server in order to use this software. It is not a SIP or IAX2 client. It is not “good enough” that your VoIP provider runs Asterisk (instead of some other VoIP switching software). You can use Asterisk as a SIP or IAX2 client to your VoIP provider, and then run a local extension to connect to locally.
  • I will not assist you in running this software, nor will I answer any questions regarding the use of this software. If you can’t figure it out, maybe you shouldn’t be using it? :) So please do not email me about this software. You have source code, so you know exactly how the software works.
  • This software was a proof of concept. It may not work with the current version of Asterisk.