The result of a blogging accident

Cisco 7960/7940 VoIP Phones vs. Adelaide/SA’s timezone.

The Cisco 7960/7940 (and probably also some others) seem to have this daft issue where they assume Darwin/NT’s timezone rules of GMT+9.5 hours, and no daylight savings time. So, some additions to the TFTP configuration file `SIPDefault.cnf` are required.

sntp_server: ; ntp.adelaide.edu.au time_zone: CAST dst_offset: 1 dst_start_month: October dst_start_day_of_week: Sun dst_start_week_of_month: 8 ; Last dst_start_time: 2 dst_stop_month: March dst_stop_day_of_week: Sun dst_stop_week_of_month: 8 ; Last dst_stop_time: 3

Here I’ve used Adelaide University’s (S)NTP server, but you could easily substitute another server. These will observe standard rules only, and won’t take into account when the Victorian government feels the need to needlessly change the daylight savings rules of the whole country to suit the Commonwealth Games, where daylight savings changes would normally apply a week after the closing ceremony. Then again, some Victorian government officials have this strange idea that Australia is just them and New South Wales.

At least Sydney was nice about it and didn’t shove it down our throats. :)