The result of a blogging accident

Presenting A.S.S.H.O.L.E. and g0t.planet?

The ASS proudly presents a new era in Access-hating. The ASS is a society dedicated to expressing one’s mental anguish over the use and creation of databases in Microsoft Access as well as the general misuse of the software by using it for big company databases and such where an SQL server setup would work more effectively.

In order to rally numbers better, I’m splitting the ASS into chapters (or “cracks”). The first of which is ASSHOLE. Application forms for ASSHOLE are availible from here to fill out and sumbit electronically. Mental instability will help your application, as well as mood swings, depression and a firearms license... ;)

In other news, btmassgen is coming to a finalised state, which is my simplified yet still powerful UI to create .torrent files. I’m using a native BitTorrent .NET library to do it, with the whole thing written in Visual Basic .NET 2005. There’s still some issues with the BitTorrent library that are stalling a final release.

I thought I’d better also mention g0t.planet?, a random assortment of blogs I’m starting to syndicate from people I know at TAFE. This was formally known as “Planet Trough”, but that name sucked, so I thought I’d better [STRIKEOUT:steal] borrow a Benji-ism.