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World of Warcraft 1.5.0 Patch FIX!

This is a fix I’m using to patch World of Warcraft to version 1.5.0, US English version. I found it on the forums, I can’t remember the exact location, though these are all my own words. The fact of the matter is that I’m fed up with their completely unhelpful technical support, and this way seems to be a really fast way to do a reinstall without loosing your settings or having to go through four CDs and taking three hours to install.

Step One: Revert to a 1.0.0 Patch State

This is easy to do. Move Data/Patch.MPQ and wow-patch.mpq to another folder, such as your desktop. Then grab the WoW Repair Utility, and run it. There will be a warning telling you that your WoW install will need to be reverted to an older version. Click yes, and leave the checker to run in the background.

Step Two: Download the 1.5.0 Patch.

The Blizzard downloader is a really simple (to the point of bad) BitTorrent client. To get the patch, and not have to run that downloader or the Blizzard Updater (probably you’re still running the repair utility at this point), I’m suggesting you run another BitTorrent client to do the download. Blizzard don’t officially supply users with the torrents, however a guild called Nomadic Tendancies have extracted the torrent from the downloader. Download this in your favourite client. You can verify that it is official because the tracker should be http://us.tracker.worldofwarcraft.com:3724/announce. Now that the tracker is up, your download should run smoothly, and in the case of ADSL connections, if you’re using a properly configured client it won’t saturate your uplink to the point you can’t download anything.

Screenshot of downloading the 1.5.0 patch in Azureus on WinXP, using Blizzard’s tracker. The speeds are rather good for me, so you may go faster (or slower!) :)

Step Three: Patch and Run!

Wait for the download to finish, and the repair utility to finish. Then run the patch file. If all went well, the patch should have completed correctly. When you click OK on the patch success dialog, WoW will automatically run. If you use a UI modification such as Cosmos, close WoW then run it’s executable first before running WoW again to allow it to patch your Interface files again. At the time of writing, Thottbot is running very slowly, so Cosmos may time out and fail to upload any presently cached data.

Should problems arise...

I can’t really be liable for them - this is a “might work” fix, and I apologize if I’ve made things worse for you. Try moving the patch.MPQ and wow-patch.mpq files back to their original location. If you still have problems, try contacting Technical Support, and also try a complete reinstall.