The result of a blogging accident

The starting of a new chapter

I got rid of Blogger, it was having many issues with my firewall, and I couldn’t be bothered to fix it. So I’ve installed WordPress instead, which is suprisingly good considering it’s written in PHP. There are some bugs with the whole importing process, such as time zone screwups. Like the Feb 18 update is reporting as being posted on Feb 17 ;) Still some templating bugs and stuff to iron out.

I went out today, and I realised that:

  • Unplanned, spare of the moment activities turn out much better than planned ones.
  • Don’t ever ever trust mobile phones, or rely on access to “donated” wireless internet access.

I’ve had a long day, it sucked, yada yada. However yesturday was sorta good, had a mostly unsuccessful wardrive with Laska, Jack and the Black Bitch. Unfortunately travelling faster than walking pace with Kismet inside an old metal car isn’t the ideal conditions far wardriving. And like a fool, I have again got a wireless card without an antenna plug. I’m starting to think this only is availible on PCI WiFi cards (which is pointless for me).

Two days of freedom left before TAFE starts again. And plenty of stuff to do that I don’t really want to do.