The result of a blogging accident

Febby 18 Update

A whole lot has happened in the last month. Starting from the begining...

I went to Sko’s pad, in Newcastle, in the middle of Janurary. Must fun was had by all, and some work was done. And now I’m addicted to WoW ;) The new praelium site is half done, there’s still plenty to do, and now with TAFE back, little time to do it.

TAFE’s back. A few new people coming in, and meeting more people. And forgetting all their names ;)

au_xmltvgen_austext is still going through testing. Most of the issues are due to alevtd being unstable. Probably because the version I have is out of the Debian repos and hacked into Ubuntu, things get ugly. It wouldn’t be the first time. I’m finding some more bugs in the code, but they’re minor. And the man page is still giving me some issues.

I have newer lappy, and 802.11g wifi card to go with it. Ironically it works on Linux but not Windows. And I’ve reinstalled a couple of times... The card is a Netcomm NP5430, and I can report that all you need to do to get it working on Ubuntu is copy the PRISM54G.ARM file from the Drivers folder on the CD into /usr/share/hotplug/firmware, and rename the file to ‘isl3890’. Then ifconfig eth1 up it, and the wifi card is active.

I have a Visual Basic .NET class today (Friday). I’m already dreading it. They had to take a perfectly good system (.NET) and hack it onto Visual Basic, thus completely turning it into a complete hell. Thanks Microsoft. Now I have to put up with Visual Basic, again.

Some of the classes I’m repeating feel much easier, going over a second time. And in the case of one of them, writing web pages to standards is far easier than scripting Excel...

I have a new(er) server. 2.4 GHz Celeron, 0.75gb of ram, 160gb of hdd space. Feels a lot faster than the Cyrix of course. Still in the process of going through and getting the old data onto the new server. Thus the blog is temporarily being hosted offsite.