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Our non-involvement at StreetGeek X (10.10)

As you may have heard, Firstyear and I will not be involved with StreetGeek X (10.10). We’ve announced the withdrawal of our support yesterday to the StreetGeek committee and admin team.

This will only affect StreetGeek X (10.10). We will be resuming our support of StreetGeek for the 10.11 event, provided the rest of the committee is happy for us to do so.

We are withdrawing our support for the event as we are not happy with the organisation of the event, and certain repeated actions by particular members of the committee. We have made every attempt to outline our concerns with the committee, and we believe that with the exception of a few members, it has fallen on deaf ears. These issues are, for the most part, specific to the way StreetGeek X has been handled, and do not apply to other events run by StreetGeek.

We have set extremely high standards for ourselves over the term of our involvement with StreetGeek, and we believe that these issues will prevent us from continuing to provide the quality of service that we pride ourselves on.

Unfortunately, as these issues are considered confidential by the admin team, we cannot disclose the full details of them publicly.

Our non-involvement means that any service that we provide will not be provided by us at StreetGeek X. This covers a wide variety of things, which we won’t go in to here due to confidentiality issues.

We hope that this will be a singular occurrence, and we will continue to strive towards resolving these issues in the future. Unfortunately, our words have not been heeded and we felt that action was to become our voice in this matter.

Do not take this as a “banner of protest”. This issue is purely between us (William and I) and the SGX team.



~micolous and ~firstyear