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Xbox 360 Big Button: Round 2

So, time for round 2 with the Big Button controllers. I covered this stuff a bit yesturday.

I’ve since updated the driver so that it treats the directional buttons on the big button controllers as the X and Y axes. This means that joydev.c will now detect the xbox360bb as a joystick driver, and so ordinary programs that use Linux’s joystick API can receive events from the controllers (and not just those that use evdev).

I also wrote a simple pygame version of `Simon <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_(game)>`_. This works whenever you have four joystick devices attached to your computer. You play by pressing any button on the controller. The colours match up to how the Big Button controllers are presented in xbox360bb. As soon as one person makes a mistake, the game ends. The loser is reported on the console.