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VNC Client as Screen Saver

I’ve whipped up a VNC Screen Saver in .NET for Windows. It is based on this screensaver example and VncSharp. It’s a bit of a quick hack, but works.

To get it, download the binaries and extract it to your Windows system32 folder (typically `C:\Windows\System32\`). Then open the screensaver settings, select `Vncscreensaver` and then configure it with your VNC server details. You can then use the screen saver!

Make sure the server you’re connecting to doesn’t require a password, otherwise this won’t work. The client runs in “view only” mode. It will quit when you either click the mouse or press a key, because hooking mouse movement seems to cause problems with the VNC client when it tries to reconnect.

If you’re interested, there’s also source code available for the program, licensed under the GPLv2 (the same license as VncSharp).