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python-fu Make Steam Achievement

This is some python-fu script for The GIMP to make graphics that imitate the style of Steam’s Achievement system. With it, you can create your own fake achievements. This is similar to [Deleted’s Achievement Generator][ach], only it works offline. To use it, open a 64x64 image you want to use as the achievement’s icon. Then go Filters > Python-Fu > Make Steam Achievement.

This script munges your original icon a bit, but you can undo the changes it does (resize and flatten) easily.

To install it, [download the script][dl] and copy it into your `~/.gimp-2.x/plug-ins/` folder. Then restart The GIMP.

[ach]: http://teamfortress2.fr/achievements.php?eng [dl]: /static/projects/junkcode/python-fu-make-achievement/python_fu_make_achievement.py