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ddrgen and URL handlers

I’ve had a bit of a problem with ddrgen lately. That is, with the new ddrhelper stuff there’s a need for protocol handlers to be inserted. Many games don’t do that. While GameSpy Arcade may be the closest thing to what I want it to do, it’s full of adware. So I may start another project: one that will register itself as a URL handler for all those games, and be able to call them appropriately. The URL handler should strip off the protocol cruft from the URL, and just give it a simple server+port.

This project would work in a similar way to DDRHelper: games use dynamically compiled plugins. A thin “layer” seperates the plugin from the actual win32api calls, to try and limit potential damage, and make it so the only thing that the plugin should care about is trying to locate where the game is installed to.