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ddrgen and Windows Vista

I had the oppertunity to do some preliminary testing of ddrgen with Windows Vista Beta 2, seeing as Microsoft made it a public beta. At the moment, there’s no need for special detection techniques to be employed, as Vista reports a lot more information about itself over NetBIOS. All versions of ddrgen should show Vista’s edition (ie: “Home Basic”, “Home Premium”, “Ultimate”, etc.) and build number. In the case of builds number, Beta 2’s build number is 5384.

Presently, x86\_64 detection of Windows XP is done by the build number only - Windows XP x86\_64 reports as having the same build number as a Windows 2003 SP1 system (3790). Windows XP x86 doesn’t report a build number at all. I haven’t downloaded the x86_64 build of Windows Vista yet, but due to it’s size it’s unlikely I will soon.

I intend to do some further work on it, where I will include the build number to beta version translation. This will also be included for any further betas or release candidates I gain access to, and get around to examining.

Do you have access to Vista or Longhorn betas? Mind doing me a favour?

I’m looking for more information about what all the Vista and Longhorn betas are numbered. I’d love to be able to detect them all. I don’t want you to send me copies of Vista or Longhorn. All you need to do is send me an email with:

  • The output of smbclient -gNL [ip address] from a computer with Samba installed, where the IP address is that of the Vista/Longhorn box. For example: smbclient -gNL Make sure there is at least one folder shared from the Vista/Longhorn system.
  • The build number, version number, edition (eg: Starter, Home Premium, Ultimate) and architecture (x86 or x86_64/32-bit or 64-bit) of the installation.
  • Any additional information about the build (was it a public beta, or is it a leaked or private beta version?)