The result of a blogging accident

Happy 2006, conf.py v0.1, autodialler-au v0.1

Happy 2006! I’ve been slacking off with this whole blogging thing, and there’s a whole lot of changed things. This whole use of static content in the blog has ment that I’m posting less.

I’ve written a small python script that shows who is in an Asterisk MeetMe conference. You can download it from here, and there is a demo showing the users on a conference I host.

In other coding, I’ve also written an autodialler for Asterisk, which is based on NotTheory’s autodialer.pl. My version uses the ACMA allocated numbers list, and is written in Python. The effect is that it simplifies wardialling using Asterisk in Australia. It additionally generates a template file you can fill out to make notes, and records the phone calls made for future reference. You can download it here. You’ll need apsw installed for python sqlite3 support, and a copy of ACMA’s allocated number database to use the software (converted to SQLite3 format using the included script, which is the same is what is used in phonesearch).