The result of a blogging accident

Things galore.

I’ve started TAFE again, and once again I go into the interesting mode where I blog not as often as I should, for various reasons, mainly coming down to my own laziness. I picked up a wireless access point on the weekend, and it’s already proved quite nice for being able to instantly setup a network link to my current, temporary place of residence. Being stuck on my laptop I’m not so hot on, though I think I finally have the wireless link setup in a way where I don’t have 70% packet loss.

Maybe I’ll actually get the rest of my “kit” together and not be stuck on my laptop anymore.

TAFE has been rather easy this week with my lecturer for both classes yesturday being off sick, and today the lesson not going in due to the lecturer not getting their laptop yet. Probably tomorrow will actually be the first real class for the semester. And it’s a Friday morning. I love Friday mornings like I enjoy being dragged along a main road at 100 km/h barefoot. Woohoo.