The result of a blogging accident

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Yesturday we (myself, James, Laska and Michelle) saw a game between Adelaide Avalanche and Central Coast Rhinos. Well, not so much a game, but a complete thrashing: 8 - 1. Though I did come in expecting Adelaide to win hands down, with Adelaide being at the top of the ladder.

The first period nobody scored. In the second period the two teams played more offensively and less defensively. In the third period, the Rhinos played more defensively, and I thought they were more demoralized and focused on damage control. The rhinos’ players were taken off a few times.

After the [STRIKEOUT:game] bloodmatch, we headed to the city, did a bit of a survey and got dinner at an expensive city cafĂ©. After, there was some ice cream eaten, and we headed out to Marion. Met up with some of Laska’s friends and played a couple of games at Marion.

Now, for some more coding fun. Trying to get mod_python session management to work...