The result of a blogging accident

On forking Kruel

Recently there’s been some talk of “forking” Kruel. I had gotten some word from i386 about Kruel.org forking because he wasn’t terribly happy with the way things are and where they’re going. I left my IRC client idling in his channel #rekovery on oz.org. Later this evening, SkoZombie entered, wanting to give i386 a piece of his mind, where I found that i386 had defaced the Kruel.org frontpage. Sko has written an essay about the rebirth of Kruel and why things have happened and said a couple of things that were on his mind.

For now, I’m really unsure of what to do. This does change the dynamics of the “former” Kruel community, with a few of the old members leaving. I’m quite concerned of what will happen to Kruel when it goes corprate, and wondering if I should go too. I’ve taken down the Kruel-related links until I come to a final decision, and some things pan out and I figure out where everyone stands.