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Docbook on Win32

I’ve been writing all my TAFE documentation work using DocBook format, which is really really great. Combined with XXE (thanks Ycros!), I can easily write my CHM documentation with the source files being nicely structured and templated. I’ve also built some installers for Win32 that install DocBook related stuff without the need for Cygwin. The xsltproc binaries are the semi-official Win32 ones, I just repackaged everything to make life easy. DocBook-xsl installs into a “standard” Program Files location now so that I can standardize my Win32 build scripts. Nothing overly special.

There’s also a great DocBook on Win32 howto that I found, however this applies to the Cygwin version.

My installers will be kept up-to-date “as I remember”. They are basically automatically generated NSIS installer scripts, with very little special about them. They have a pretty uninstaller included, and xsltproc’s installer has a nice colourful icon for you to stare at. ;)

And now, back to work...