The result of a blogging accident

33 days left

The new year is coming. Yay.

I’ve put in some of the basis for the rmrms site now, then I’ll still have to write some code to handle the website. I’ll also have to setup a box with MySQL on it, just I don’t have any spare. And this server really doesn’t take too kindly to having MySQL run on it.

I considered writing the site with a SQLite backend, but it still has some of the classic flat-file issues. Though backup of the database will be super easy and the only time database software is running is when there is a request on the server. I figure if I separate the entries for the site and the ratings into two different files, I might not have as much of the site open to abuse... it’s a balance. Though there’s the whole world readable plaintext copy of the MySQL password I would have anyway... it’s a tossup.

I hate summer. I can’t sleep anymore, because it’s too damn hot. And I need a another laptop, and I’m getting fairly desparate now. I’ve gotta find one this week or I think I’ll start failing some subjects. It’s the only one (computer) with Office 2000 (and Windows) on it, that is for working on. And I hate having to reboot my main desktop box constantly.